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Ever wonder exactly who's sending website traffic your way? Well, now you can be at the forefront of website traffic tracking and monitoring and receive information at your whim that informs you of the number of visitors sent you your website each week by your top 30 referrers. Through a program that has leveraged for our customer's benefit, we can offer you access to a webstat program allowing you to monitor the activity of these referrers regardless of if they are a search engine, a pay-per-click engine, a directory, an e-mail campaign or even a site that one advertises. Essentially, this feature allows you to reevaluate the avenues from which you need to push or re-ration your marketing plan.

Website traffic tracking and monitoring is an efficient method of statistical analysis that will provide you with a web counter to keep a running number of your web stats. The real time statistics that you'll have access to will keep you in the loop on how your website is being reached by the Internet community. The website traffic tracking and monitoring process is easily installed by just a simple copy and past of code into your website's HTML code. From there, will set it up so that you can have access to downloadable charts and graphs that will track statistics from every standpoint that a business owner would want to be informed about.

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