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Try our free trial hit counter for your web site, with reliable web stats tracking for your unique visitor's traffic. Our easy to use web counter offers reliable detailed real time web stats tracking to monitor unique visitors with many other tracking details and features available. Our hit counter is available with over 175 different digit styles or you can choose our invisible web counter to track your traffic discreetly. offers this free counter for your web site with accurate web stats tracking and real time reliable statistics for 30 day trial period. Install your web site counter program on your web site in less than five minutes with easy to install copy and paste Javascript / HTML code that will provide tracking data and web site analysis of all visitors to your web site instantly. Free 30 Day Trial Hitcounters & Traffic Analysis
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Track Unique Visitors Per Day With our website hit counter you will be able to access fast accurate statistics information in real time from your pc. Our free counter records the last 1 or 1000 visitors to your site with continuous updating. Monitor repeat visitors, new visitors and all referrers that are sending traffic to your site, track where visitors are navigating on your web site, even see how long they spend engaged in your material. Through the use of our free web page counter program there are dozens of detailed reports available to you, each report is in an easy to analyze format and downloadable. With our free web site counter you can track unique visitors each time they access your web site, web tracking automatically records data such as IP address, domain, country of origin, city of origin and more. By simply logging into our webmaster resource center you can access all the data we collect on your web site visitors.

Top 10 Keywords Used to Reach your Site When you create a free hit counter account we will send you a few lines of Javascript web counter code, simply paste it into your existing HTML code and a web hit counter image will display on your page (this image can be invisible, one of the many options we offer, but technically it is still an image). In less than one second we will capture your visitors information and record it into your own personal log file that is linked directly to your web counter account, you can then see that information when you log into your password protected account and check your web site traffic stats in real time. Our web counters are fast and reliable by using several dedicated servers to run our web stats, which are connected into the Internet backbone with redundant optical lines. This provides you with one of the fastest loading counters out there with hardly any downtime. We have been in constant operation without significant downtime since February 1998. Our free counter uses highly developed tracking technology providing twenty-four, seven knowledgeable customer service makes out web site visitor hit counter the absolute best choice.


Live Traffic World Map :  Track the Last 1000 visitors to your site Using web site traffic analysis tracking maps will make available, specific research information gained from each visitor to your web site. Counting visitors and their actions has never been easier on your web site. Our free web counter program enhances web stats tracking research for your web site. The web tracker will read out in real time with daily or monthly tracking of events on all of your web sites. Geopolitical data, track web stats by city, web stats by state, track web visitor by country, use our real time mapping feature to view website statistics, track web stats on search engines referring your web site traffic. Track visitors with our web counter on each page and follow each visitor independently.

Top 10 Search Engine and Referrer Tracker With our free web counter you will have access to highly developed search engine and referrer tracking technology that is better than any other in the tracking business today. The 'Referrer Tracker' technology along with you free web site visitor counter records the number of visitors sent each week to your site by all search engines and referrers from other links on the internet. With our referrer tracker technology you are able to see in real time how a particular marketing strategy works over the long haul or over a few days. Our referrer tracker automatically detects all Internet search engines and can be customized to track email advertising campaigns, banner advertisements, as well as any combination of these!

Why not take the benefits out of all the time and work spent on your web site, take your investment and make it grow. If you can't make people visit your web site why is it there on the Internet? Our visitor counter and visitor tracker technology are indispensable tools that can help you achieve defined statistical results that will get the traffic moving in your websites direction. The very day you install your free hit counter makes your next steps to marketing your web site easier. Our analysis becomes a road map to your growth. Start measuring and understanding the results of your promotional strategies by seeing who visits and then target more of the same demographics, this will provide better results, with less time wasted on targeting demographics that have no interest in your web site.

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