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Website Hit Counter

Get your Website Hit Counter here!

Count Unique Hits Per offers a free trial membership on our website hit counter whose properties in visitor tracking and real time statistics will have you wondering how your website managed without it. The website hit counter offered by can bolster the statistical monitoring of your business giving you the feedback you need to make important decisions regarding the allocation of time and money.

One of the statistical features on this free trial web counter program is the ability to generate a website hit counter world map and track hits by the location of their searches. With this easy to install, free web counter producing maps of this caliber, the customer can recall the location of the lat 1, 10, 50, 100, or 1000 visitors to his or her website. Pinpoint accuracy can be obtained utilizing the quick loading, free trial website hit counter, which would endow the user with the ability to find out the city, region/state, and country of the user who finds their way to the website. Your visitors tracking that is retrieved in real time, so you will always have up to date live data available for your viewing and referral tracking. With search engine tracking information and technology like this at your fingertips, the world map that is generated can now give you a better feel for how your marketing efforts are fairing and where improvements need to be made and where your resources are already effectively being utilized.

Web traffic monitoring via our web hit counter will become a cinch to master and an integral part of your business once you try out our free hit counter for our 30-day trial period.

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