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One can search the Internet and come up with many companies that offer a web site counter, but you won't find one quite like that at Here at, we offer free web site counter for a 30-day free trial period for customers to get a feel for how our traffic analysis and tracking program can possibly benefit their website and business. With the web stat tracker giving live real time stats and data, your business will be at the forefront of the informational movement, analyzing and making decisions instantly as the situation calls for. Our web counter can be professionally displayed in over 175 creative digit styles in addition to an invisible counter to artfully monitor your unique visitor count without giving away your intentions.

Being able to figure out where your unique visitors are coming from is a helpful bit of information. During your 30-day free trial with your web site counter, you'll find that our hit counter can do just that. has a program that couples with the web site counter to produce charts and graphs revealing extremely detailed descriptions of the geographic locations of which their unique visitors contact them from. Our web site counters even break down the geographical logistics of our visitors, all the way down to what cities they are coming from.

Let's face it…those of us who refuse to do extensive market research to track their visitors are going to be left behind, while those who choose to become knowledgeable about their marketing efforts and discovering where their marketing plans need improvement will surely reap the benefits of this advancement. Our web site counter is very reliable and requires only a simple copy and paste of code into your websites HTML code to get you on your way.

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