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Get your Website Hit Counter here!

Only at can you obtain the best web counter to provide only the most reliable real time statistics and traffic analysis. Our web counter comes in over 175 digital styles including an invisible counter which can be posted for discreet monitoring of your website.

The best part of our web counter is that we here at are offering it for a free 30-day trial; complete with all perks and advantages you would have if you were subscribed to the service. Our easy to install free hit counter is a breeze to install and involves just a quick copy and paste of code in your website's HTML code. Once it is in there, the web counter is quick loading and the tracking program immediately beings to record real time statistics from unique visitors to your website.

The most rewarding feature that most customers, and probably yourself, will find extremely useful is the web counter's ability to produce graphs and charts gathered from real time statistics. The displays produced from the traffic analysis can monitor many aspects of unique visitor visitations, most notably the web counter's ability to identify and group them by regional location. The ability to know what states your website's unique visitors are coming from is integral to any business because it makes them aware of how their marketing efforts are fairing and gives them a better understand of their return on investment.

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