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Get your Website Hit Counter here!

A hit counter could be all that a business needs to give itself a great chance to have a complete marketing strategy. A web counter from here at offers a continual tallying of all the unique visitors who frequent your website from the time of its creation. The website hit counter that we have is available in over 175 digital styles including an invisible website counter that can be used for discreet monitoring. Nothing could be easier than installing this website hit counter because no advanced knowledge of HTML coding or script is necessary because all you need to do is a simple copy and paste procedure of code to get started on your research endeavors.

With a premium membership with, you'll have access to some of the finest web traffic tracking analysis programs available. Our premium account offers a way to channel real time statistics generated from the web counter into tangible, easy to read charts and graphs that can show a wide variety of measured subjects. For example, our traffic analysis program can generate charts and graphs that show the click paths of the unique users who come to your site. By utilizing click path analysis to realize what is drawing your customer's attention, you can better format your website in a way which places the most important pieces of information in that path.

Find out for yourself the wonders of what has to offer by taking advantage of our 30-day free trial which will enable you to try out our website hit counter and experience the click path analysis charts all risk free.

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